Educational Robotics for children & teenagers

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New ways of teaching & learning

The world in which our children are growing is in constant change.Just 20 years ago, many of the common jobs today did not exist and unfortunately the tradiotional educational system did not prepare us to face them naturally. Traditional education is on the verge of a significant methodical change where the ability to teach how to learn differently will be far more important than the content being taught itself ( in most cases available on the net).

Our educational proposal stands on four well defined stages in order to promote the acquisition of a set of skills and behaviours of the XXI century ( team working, problem resolution, public speaking, learning by trial and error, mathematical logics, perseverance, overcoming spirit and resilience to failure .... All our workshops follow a project based learning model baseline (PBL).


Explore the working principles of a robot and a variety of sensor used to feel the world . Face a weekly challenge, get familiar with the technology and the available toolkit.


Put together an amazing robot from scracth and test its different configurations. Build it your way. Work in pairs to propotype a range of solutions Trial and error.


Code your device using a easy to understand visual language specially developed for the task. Mathematically construct the required algorithms to make it behave.


Prepare for the competition and have fun with the result of your work. We will put into practice the acquired learning by means of playing and sharing with your colleagues.

Playing under close evaluation

All our guided sessions are set around the need to overcome a given challenge resulting in a competitive game. The educational activity is necessarily linked to fun, construction of the models, discussing the best solutions with other students but also embrace an element of competition to encourage children to focus during the session. Learning and enterteiment are a great success combination for a succesfull session, allowing for theconsolidation of knowledge and behaviours in various fields.

Our teachers will remain attentive to the progress of each student using permanent assessment and encoraging peer-reviews. At the end of the period, an individual progress student report will be generated and handed over

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)

"The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Pricing scheme for our workshops

  • 40€
  • per month
  • 100€
  • per quarter
  • 175€ incl. robot
  • per workshop (4 days)
  • 200€ incl. robot
  • per workshop

(*) For both holidays and bespoken modalities, one robot per kid will be handed over at the end of the 4 days workshop to encorauge kids to carry on the learning at home.


Where to find us

  Address: Can Pei, Sitges, Barcelona
 Mobile: 644 05 7040

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